Each month our resident bookworm, Wanda Octave, gives insight on books that might be worth a look at whether you are on vacation or at home. Here she is with her recommendation for November’s Reads.

I promised you a Romcom after last month’s read and I have a treat in store.

Hello Stranger by Katherine Center.

Main Character has brain surgery and wakes up with Prosopagnosia – a condition known as Face Blindness or the inability to recognize faces. (Yes, that is a real, serious condition.) What follows is a comedy of errors, as she tries to keep her diagnosis a secret while trying to date two suitors she can’t recognize.

Hidden within this light hearted funny romance is the reality of Prosopagnosia. A condition that most of us cannot even imagine. Hello Stranger has made me appreciate the simple act of staring at my face in the mirror. I can see it. And I can walk into a crowded room and actually recognize the faces and read the visual cues. Who would have thought that this was something I needed to be grateful for and not take for granted.

I really hope you enjoy this month’s selection. And stare at your loved ones for a few seconds longer.

See you next month.

Until then, I hope you feel wordy…


Wanda Octave is the St. Lucian author of My life Interpreted. A novel of witty, thought-provoking insights on life. When she is not writing or reading, she begrudgingly works in Real Estate and Marketing.