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August 5th Sandcastle Day and others

Aug 14, 20236 min read
Extravagant Sandcastle on beautiful beach

August Summer is in full swing in Saint Lucia. It is so hot, that when I step outside, I feel like I’m walking in a…

Recommended Reads

Aug 14, 20233 min read

Love and other Lost Words If you don’t believe in love and fairy tales, kindly skip to the third paragraph. If you kept on reading,…

Rum Photoblog

Aug 14, 20231 min read
Rum Photoblog

Spiny Caribbean Lobster Risotto

Aug 13, 20231 min read
White Bowl with Lobster Risotto and Lobster Tail on the top with green shoots

Spiny Lobster Risotto  Ingredients 1 raw Lobster tail ¼ cup risotto rice 4oz finely chopped shallots 2oz finely chopped garlic 2oz unsalted butter ½ pt…

Chef Craig’s Brownies

Aug 13, 20231 min read
Chocolate Brownies with nuts

Chocolate Brownies Ingedients 600g Dark Chocolate 450g unsalted Butter 300g Sugar 6 Eggs ½ tsp Salt 385g Flour 1 tsp Vanilla Essence 360g Chopped Nuts…

St Lucia’s Chocolate Story

Aug 13, 20233 min read
A hesian Sack full of Cocoa Beans

Introduction The chocolate industry in Saint Lucia plays a significant role in the country’s economy and has gained recognition for its production of high-quality chocolates.…