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The natural world around us has never been more precious. Situated as we are amongst the beautiful surroundings of St. Lucia, we at Cap Maison feel the same and have always and will continue to take whatever steps we can to minimize our traces. See below for a summary of our Sustainability measures:


  • solar panels are located on each purposely designed flat roof space to maximize natural energy usage;
  • we have our own sewerage treatment plant from which we recirculate the grey water as irrigation into our beautiful tropical gardens;
  • recently upgraded air conditioning systems that draw less power but can also be controlled centrally to ensure unoccupied rooms are not needlessly using a/c;
  • reduction of single use plastic: through working with Antigua based company “Neem Avenue” our bathroom amenities are made from already recycled plastic and are refilled and reused after a special cleaning method. We also offer attractive glass refillable bottles for drinking water. Note that St. Lucia has a plentiful supply of natural rainforest spring water (it also tastes great!) meaning that we do not need to rely on foreign bottled water;
  • rain water cachment for in house laundry;
  • we work with responsible tourism partners such as Wayaj which provides, amongst other items, a hotel sustainability rating and a carbon footprint test;
  • local suppliers: St. Lucia has a long history as a volcanic rich farming island and we work with local suppliers as much as possible – this includes some island ingredients in all our carefully prepared dishes as well as Caribbean coffee;
  • international suppliers: we only work with suppliers of responsibly sourced products, whether it is furniture, food or cleaning products;
  • towel rotation policy to ensure that we only wash towels that guests would like to be laundered;
  • all our websites are run on webservers which are powered by only renewable energy