Pirates say seeing a bright green flash at sunset means a soul has escaped Davy Jones’ locker and returned back to this world from the dead. An old English proverb similar to the ‘red sky at night’ saying claims it brings good weather: “Glimpse you ere the green ray, Count the morrow a fine day.” Jimmy Buffett, known worldwide for his passion for the Caribbean lifestyle, even wrote a song about young love called “Green Flash at Sunset.”

Whether or not you believe any of the lore surrounding this curious phenomenon, a green flash is certainly something to behold. While it’s a little complicated to explain, can be caused by a variety of factors and is a somewhat rare occurence, we know of a few Cap Maison regulars who have witnessed one or two in their time here. Regardless of its scientific explanation, what most people usually see is a green spot above the upper rim of the Sun. It’s visible just before sunset and right after sunrise in certain conditions, and only lasts a couple of seconds at most.

The green flash is more likely to be seen in stable, clear air, and is often easier to catch at the end of the day rather than in the morning because getting the timing of the sunrise just right can be tricky. Lucky for guests of Cap Maison, which rests atop a cliff in northern Saint Lucia with panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea, a green flash is also easier to see above sea level and will be likely be in view longer than one would see at a lower elevation.

Where Can You Spot a Green Flash at Cap Maison?

While this stunning natural event is almost impossible to predict, we welcome you to join us nightly at The Cliff at Cap, our award-winning fine dining restaurant featuring delicious Creole cuisine with locally-sourced Saint Lucian ingredients. Allow Executive Chef Craig Jones to wow your palate as you enjoy an unforgettable sunset — whether you happen to catch an gorgeous green flash or not, this spot is one of the best on the island for sunset watching.