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Eco Adventures

There are many sights and sounds of the island that you can drink in as you travel around this wonderful and magical island. Try the Enbas Saut Falls, the Latille Waterfalls or the waterfalls at Anse Le Raye and the Diamond falls in the South. There are protected areas of the Rain Forest such as the Edmund Forest Reserve and Mount Gimmie. There is of course a visit to the famous Pitons to make and fun for all the family at the zip lining and forest tram ride experiences. Pigeon Island will reveal all the secrets of the naval prowess of Admiral Rodney as well as breathtaking views over Rodney Bay and to Martinique, 26 miles away.

Cultural Adventures

The annual Jazz and Arts Festival (held in May) and Carnival (in July) are the stand out events of the Saint Lucian Cultural Calendar. Your concierge can pre-book Jazz tickets before you come and if you really want to ” ..when in Rome” we can fix it for you to join a Carnival “Band” complete with costume.
At the famous Rum distillery in Cul de Sac, a fascinating experience called “Rhythm of Rum” which explores the history and culture of Sugar Cane and the Rum industry, is definitely worth a try.

Soft Adventure

There’s plenty here for the more intrepid traveler and under the broad title of ‘soft adventure’ there are Rain forest hikes, mountain biking trails, climbing ‘Mount Gimmie’ or the Pitons, abseiling (rappelling) waterfalls and cliffs and quad – biking.

Piton Tours

Saint Lucia is an island that stands out from the rest of the Caribbean jewels, mainly because of the striking twin peaks that stand like sentinels at the entrance to the Vals des Pitons. Those iconic Magical Mystic Mountains are the always present backdrop to an island paradise whose history is as colorful as its scenic beauty.