In the pristine blue waters that hug the shores of St. Lucia, a tranquil revolution brews beneath the surprising movement of the tides, one that marries culinary excellence with ocean stewardship. This World Oceans Day, June 8th, 2024, we pause to celebrate the blue heart of our planet—our vast and bountiful seas.

At Cap Maison, a gleaming jewel nestled on the island’s north coast, the chef’s knife crafts not just meals but a story of sustainability. The resort’s prestigious Relais & Châteaux membership is a testament to its culinary brilliance and profound respect for our oceans.

From Kitchen Gardens to Ocean Gardens

In the tradition of true farm-to-table dining, the chefs at Cap Maison tend to an organic garden that delivers a cornucopia of fresh vegetables and herbs. But the narrative of nature’s bounty extends beyond the soil to the waters that lap at the island’s edges. Here, amid the domain of Planet Ocean, the philosophy of “sea-to-table” springs to life.

The Oceans whisper secrets of seasonality to those who listen—when to harvest and what to give back. It’s a delicate dialogue between the chef and the fisherman, one that honours the rhythms of the sea.

Hook, Line, and Harmony

The enduring partnership between Chef Craig Jones of Cap Maison and local fisherman Erwin David exemplifies sustainable hospitality at its core. For over twenty-five years, this bond has flourished based on mutual respect and a shared vision for ocean conservation.

“Each day, it’s a thrilling spectacle — the ‘boat coming in’ is an event, a gesture of grace and uncertainty,” confides Chef Jones. Anchored in sustainability, Erwin fishes conscientiously, guided by the ethos of catching only what can be cherished, capitalizing on a diverse selection of species, from the sleek barracuda to the elusive lionfish.

Erwin’s own restaurant in Gros Islet transforms twice weekly into a harbinger of sustainable seafood. The day’s catch finds its way only onto his and Craig’s grills with delicious and satisfying results. It’s a celebration of the ocean’s gifts, an edict of freshness and quality, where the fish are stored on ice “the same way in which they swim”, insists Craig!

On a small motor boat that dances with the tides, Erwin ventures up a couple of miles into the depths where St. Lucia’s seafloor plummets to over 1,000 feet—a short distance from shore but a leap into an abyss of conservation.

Seared Scallops

Celebrating World Oceans Day with Relais & Châteaux

This World Oceans Day, the theme #TidesareChanging captures the essence of the movement that Relais & Châteaux and its chefs advocate. Across the globe, the stories echo similarly – of propelling towards practices that respect life beneath the waves.

At Cap Maison, the day is marked with a promise to continue this serene revolution long into the future. Sustainable seafood is not merely a choice; it invokes responsibility and love for the oceans that cradle our planet.

Through demonstrations and discussions, chefs like Craig Jones become the vanguard, leading the charge by showcasing responsible culinary practices. The selections on your plate mirror the cycles of the sea, guided by ethical harvest and timeless savoir-faire.

It’s time we cast our nets wide, not to capture, but to unite—in our collective effort to safeguard the marine lifeblood of Earth. The seas await our decision; the Tides Are Changing, and so must we.

This week in the UK newspaper The Guardian, this article underlines the peril.

Ensuring a Thriving Ocean Legacy

With every bite of delicately prepared mahi mahi or a succulent fillet of kingfish, remember the voyage – from a fisherman’s early dawn casting nets in synchrony with nature’s pulse to the artful preparation by a world-class chef.

On this World Oceans Day, take a moment to ponder over ocean conservation, to savour the taste of truly sustainable seafood this World Oceans Day, take a moment to ponder over ocean conservation, to savour the taste of truly sustainable seafood on this World Oceans Day, take a moment to ponder over ocean conservation to savour the taste of truly sustainable seafood that doesn’t borrow from the future but nourishes the present. Relais & Châteaux beckons you to be part of this beautiful transformation – for the love of our oceans, for the future of our shared blue haven.

But there’s more than just the activities of Chefs and Fishermen. The Oceans need our leaders to pay them heed, so if you want to help save your planet, here’s how you can make a difference

Join us. There is a seat at the table where the currents converge—here at Cap Maison, where the tides change, and the oceans breathe a little easier.