Read the amazing journey home of Graeme & Sue

We sent Graeme and Sue Smith, who recently stayed for their second visit, our customary “safe-journey-home” message and received a very unexpected response.

You should know that Mr and Mrs Smith, Canadians flying home on Air Canada, are both Obstetricians, based at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario.

During the return flight, the cry, usually reserved for the movies, “Is there a Doctor on Board?” alerted Graeme and Sue, and their hands went up.

Imagine their surprise when they were faced with a pregnant woman who was very ready to give birth.

Not only doctors but also Obstetricians, Graeme and Sue, could tackle this with ease, but how lucky was Mum to be?

The birth went well, but the plane needed to land to transport Mum and Baby to the hospital. The nearest stop was Bermuda. The crew’s air time timed out, so everyone had to spend an extra night in Bermuda.

You must admit, it’s a cool excuse for being late back to work!

It was most likely just routine for Graeme and Sue, but hey, it’s one for the books, nonetheless! Well done, guys. The Cap Maison team is in awe, and we look forward to your stay next February.

Now, think about this. Is this new-born; American, Canadian, Bermudan or what?