Every month offers up a cluster of quirky dates and events. We have fun seeing how we can weave them into life at Cap Maison.

Quirky Dates for the new Season

While I am sure the seasons are changing in certain parts of the world, it remains HOT in St. Lucia. I think it’s a new season for us here. April – ? We have no idea when this will end. We are all praying that it is November. That on Wednesday the 1st, we will get our first chill – 23°. It may be funny to you, but that’s my dream right now. Seriously, the Trade Winds are beginning to cool us down.

Until then, I can look forward to November 1st being National Author’s Day. I can celebrate myself and some of my favorite authors, by going through my Commonplace Book. And also make a realistic plan for finishing one of the manuscripts that I am currently working on.

November 1st is also World Vegan Day. I know I asked you to visit a vegan restaurant on World Vegetarian Day sometime ago, but now is your chance to truly honor this day. If you are on property at Cap Maison, challenge yourself to only order vegan dishes from Breakfast to Dinner. We may make a convert out of you.

November 2nd is All Souls Day. A day to pray for your deceased friends and family members. November 2nd is also Men Make Dinner Day, so ladies take note. It is also Deviled Egg Day so perhaps we can request this for dinner if our male chef can pull it off.

November 3rd is Sandwich Day. Move over grilled cheese, today you can get creative. I once had goat cheese, arugula and candied rhubarb sandwich. I was hungry. I had to use what was available.

November 3rd is also Housewife’s Day, so this is an excuse for the men to make sandwiches all day while the housewife’s get a day off at the spa. Or you can treat her to a solo trip to Cap Maison…or if you live on Saint Lucia, treat her to a spa day.

November 4th is Book Lovers Day. I’ve read 48 books so far this year, so I’d say I’m a book lover. But even if you are not as obsessed as I am, this is a good day to pick up the book that you have been longing to read. If you are on property at Cap Maison, there are endless nooks to escape to with a book. You cannot beat the warm sunshine, with the soundtrack of the waves crashing against the rocks and birds chirping overhead. Perhaps a chilled Chardonnay by your side.

November 4th is also Check Your Blood Pressure Day. High blood pressure is a silent killer. Walk into any clinic and ask for your blood pressure to be checked. You may be saving your own life. Most pharmacies sell them and they aren’t expensive.

November 6th is Saxophone Day. I can already hear Kenny G playing…

November 7th is International Merlot Day. Confession, I’m a merlot girl so I have marked my calendar. Wherever you are, pour yourself a glass. If you are on property at Cap Maison, go down to the cellar and have a bottle of our finest. Merlots are just so light and satisfying.

November 11th is World’s Veteran’s Day and in the UK Remebrance day. Take some time out today to honor those who risked their lives to serve and protect your country.

November 12th is Diwali Day, a five day Hindu Holiday tradition. Diwali is essentially a festival of lights, celebrating light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, hope over despair. It’s a must for your bucket list.

November 12th is also World Pneumonia Day. It is a day designated by the WHO to raise awareness and promote the prevention and treatment of Pneumonia. If you don’t know enough about the disease, use the day to do some research and see if you can be of service.

November 13th is Caregiver Appreciation Day. I have always believed that the people who look after your kids and your parents should be paid very handsomely and should be spoiled rotten. Great Caregivers should be appreciated. If you are thinking of taking a sick relative on vacation, why not take the caregiver along to Cap Maison. Give them a few days off when they get here. You have no idea what this will mean to them.

If you can’t make it to Cap Maison, give your caregiver a day off today with a gift voucher for something you know that she or he will appreciate.

November 13th is also World Kindness Day. Please, just be kind to everyone. You cannot fathom the breaths of your kindness. Kindness is contagious. An act of kindness can literally change the trajectory of someone’s day. You never know what someone is going through. Just be kind, even when you may not feel like it. The person you change, may just be yourself.

November 14th is World Diabetes Day. We have all witnessed the rise in obesity and diabetes over the last decade. Walk into a clinic today and get your blood sugar checked. Make a conscious decision to cut back on sweets and sugar, not just for today but going forward. Your future self will thank you.

November 14th is also Young Readers Day. Many kids today need to be motivated to pick up a book or kindle. But it is up to us to cultivate the habit. I give my 11 year old niece a reading challenge, where I buy her a physical book. She has to read it, (my sister takes away her phone and gives her dedicated reading times). Then we meet when she is done and she gives me a book report over Ice Cream and Pizza. Not a bad deal. I kinda have to do the ‘aunty monthly outing’ thing anyway, so why not slip in a bribe. Happy to say that she now wakes up early so that she can try to sneak in a few chapters before she has to get ready for school.

November 15th is Clean Your Refrigerator Day. I don’t need to elaborate on this. As quirky dates go, this is a killer.

November 15th is also National Philanthropy Day. We often think of Philanthropists as the super wealthy but we too can be small town philanthropist. Be kind. Help the less fortunate. At the beginning of the school year, a group of family members and a few friends sponsor a family of 5 kids who lost their mom. We buy them school books, stationary, uniforms, shoes and pay for school lunches for the year. Start with one. Do what you can.

November 16th is National Fast Food Day. So. Yes. Of course it is frowned upon, but we all do it. Even if we know, that we shouldn’t. BUT, today is National Fast Food Day, so you are free to eat in, pick up or delivery, whatever fast food you fancy. The Naked Fisherman sells burgers, but they are Kobe beef!

November 17th is Homemade Bread Day. Fun Fact. I’ve been making bread since I was 14. I still bake my own bread. It is very easy. If you have never tried, you can find countless recipes online. Challenge yourself. If you are successful, you will never want to buy bread again. But you will.

November 17th is also World Peace Day. We have been praying for peace since we have all been alive. On this day we are encouraged to be kind to others and seek peaceful solutions to conflict. I hope in observance of this day, there will be a ceasefire in the Middle East and Ukraine. Keep praying.

November 23rd is Thanksgiving in the US. On this day we are to pause and be grateful for all the things that matter to us. It is usually a day celebrated with family and friends, over food, music and laughter.

If you are on property at Cap Maison, look out for our delicious Thanksgiving Menu and our fun activities throughout the day.

November 23rd is also National Expresso Day. You may just need a couple of these to get your through the Thanksgiving holiday celebrations.

November 24th is Black Friday. One of the craziest shopping days of the year. Retailers usually offer huge ‘best of the year’ discounts to entice shoppers. And everyone falls for it. You might even find a Cap Maison Black Friday deal.

Incidentally November 24th is also Buy Nothing Day. A protest against commercialism. I think this is silly. If the retailers are giving me 80% off something I need, please don’t tell me not to buy it on Black Friday?

November 25th is Small Business Saturday. As you make preparations to shop for the Christmas season, try to support small businesses. Walk around your local flee market, or find small business expos in your city. If you are in St. Lucia, there are many small businesses in the malls and tourist markets. I am sure you can find gifts for just about anyone on your wish list.

November 27th is Cyber Monday. This is traditionally the Monday after Thanksgiving. Similar to Black Friday, but usually offered by online retailers Cyber Monday has now become one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

November 28th is French Toast Day. After all this shopping, you may just need something simple and comforting, because you can’t afford anything else, or because you feel bad for all that shopping. Jazz up your French toast with maple syrup, strawberries and slithered almonds. If you are on property at Cap Maison, let us comfort you with our excellent French toast for breakfast.

November 30th is National Mason Jar Day. Mason Jars have literally fed the world. Even if you are not into canning, mason jars are a one of the best food saving vessels known to man. They are not only great for food storage, but they are used by many small businesses for jams, candles, cakes, candies and creative gifts. Let’s see what you can create this holiday season!

Finally, one or two very quirky dates: 7th is “Red Hair Day”, 20th is “World Absurdity Day”, 27th “Pie in the Face” Day. Go figure!

Wanda Serieux Writer, Book lover, Merlot lover