When thinking about taking in some of our Cap Maison St. Lucia experiences, Spa Maison should be an easy target. Julian, Spa team leader at Spa Maison, our caribbean luxury spa, knows that romance can take you anywhere.

That’s why, while the spa is located in the resort’s main building, treatments can be performed all around the hotel, including the outdoor gazebo with cliffside sea views, in guest rooms, on villa terraces, at the Saman House and even on Rock Maison.

“Wherever the clients want their treatments to be done, for their comfort, we accommodate them,” Julian says, noting the gazebo is one of his top locations. “It’s quiet and serene. The sound of the waves crashing on the rocks is just amazing.”

Caribbean Luxury Spa Services

The most popular service at Spa Maison is the couple’s massage, often chosen by honeymooners and return guests alike. Spa Maison offers a romantic couple’s massage room that allows two guests to receive spa services side by side, enjoy each other’s company and sip champagne.

The spa also offers a range of facials, exfoliation and beauty treatments, from anti-aging to soothing and hydrating services, as well as hot stone, deep tissue and Swedish body massages. Pedicure, manicure and waxing services are also offered. To review a full list of services, click here.

Spa Maison exclusively uses Sothys, a Parisian luxury skincare line, for all of its beauty services. “The company has been around for over 60 years and their products are patented products and can only be used by trained Sothys therapists,” Julian says.

In addition to these treatments, Cap Maison offers treatments from visiting therapists such as shiatsu or reflexology. For any special requests, please let us know upon your reservation.

More Ways to Relax and Rejuvenate

Cap Maison also offers a gym, fitness classes like yoga and pilates, as well as a hiking and running club.