Oct 1st begins Creole Heritage month in St. Lucia

A month of activities devoted to celebrating the culture that evolved from the island’s French and English colonization. For the whole month, various communities throughout the island host activities that highlight traditional music, food, games and dance. The last Sunday in October is ‘Creole Day’ which I will talk about later, but it is usually my recommendation for the most exciting time to visit the island, if you want to experience a true taste of Saint Lucian Culture.

A little earlier than our US & Canadian neighbours, Oct 1 is Thanksgiving in St. Lucia

We do not celebrate Thanksgiving like they do in the US. I think most of us are just thankful for the day off work!

Oct 1 also happens to be World Vegetarian Day

So here is a reason to make an extra effort to eat more veggies or cook a vegetarian meal. Technically, you can have fish but no animal products. If you do not feel like being an experimental chef today, go to a vegan restaurant. If you are on property at Cap Maison, be sure to try any one of the many vegetarian or vegan options on our menu.

Oct 1 is also International Coffee Day

Soooo, have as many cups of coffee as you want today (between your veggie meals). If you are on island, be sure to visit Fond Dou Estate or Hotel Chocolat. St. Lucian coffee is so good, we have award winning hotels and restaurants dedicated to coffee and chocolate!

Oct 2nd – Name Your Car Day

My husband and I have shared a car for the past few years but my last car was called Bambi. She was different. A bit exotic, elegant and a head turner. She passed away in a fire (long story) but she will always be with me. If you haven’t named your car yet, go outside and give it a long hard look. Then decide on a gender, or pronoun, and go for it!

Oct 3rd – National Boyfriend’s Day

Men always claim that they are left out, so here is an opportunity to pamper your partner today. Learn his love language, and speak it.

Oct 5th is World Teacher’s Day

We hear all the time that teachers are undervalued, overworked and underpaid. Right now, this is an understatement. With virtually all kids having access to the latest electronics and extreme social media influence, teachers are finding it more challenging to hold the attention of students and be the positive influence that they need to look up to. Find a teacher and honor them today.

Oct 7th International Frugal Fun Day.

Ditch the electronics and grab a board game. Have a pantry cooking challenge. Go on $50 date. Have a neighbourhood treasure hunt. Take a hike. Literally. Have a pot luck with friends. Fun is multiplied with good company. With all these ideas you could just have a frugal fun week!

Oct 9th is Mouldy Cheese Day.

If you do not love blue cheese. Give it another try. Invest in a smooth creamy gorgonzola. Try it on a nice rice cracker, with tart jam, accompanied by some grapes and walnuts. This might be my frugal blue cheese plate. But you get the idea. I love blue cheese, so I may be biased. I once had a blue cheese soufflé that kept me drooling for days. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I drove back to the restaurant one night ordered two. The next week they changed the menu. I almost died.

If you are on property at Cap Maison, order a cheese plate after dinner, or better yet, book a wine and cheese tasting in the Cellar. Awaken your taste buds!

Oct 11th is Take Your Parents to Lunch Day.

I know as we get older, for various reasons, taking out parents out to eat may not be easy. But you can also order in and sit for a formal lunch. It is heart warming, how much they appreciate it. If you are able to get them out of work, or their homes or able to get them to agree to be together, take them to a nice restaurant.

Oct 12th is World Egg Day.

There are so many dishes that you can make with eggs. But for today, try as much as possible to find and use organic eggs. Which you will definitely need on Oct 14th for National Dessert Day. If you are on property at Cap Maison, try one or two deserts with every meal. Yeah, it’s National Dessert Day after all. If you are not on property, seek out your favorite deserts an enjoy!

Hopefully Oct 15th was a day of juicing, because Oct 16th is World Food Day.

The UN wants to use this day to bring attention to the quality of food production and increasing food supply and distribution, to the areas where it is most needed. While many countries will be having World Food Day Celebrations dedicated to savoring the flavours from around the world, let us also use this day to give a food hamper to a needy family, or donate to a food bank or like organization. If you are on property at Cap Maison, step off your comfort zone and order something new at each meal.

Oct 20th is International Chef’s Day.

If you are on property at Cap Maison, tip the chef today! We always tip the wait staff for the service but how often do we tip the chef and kitchen staff for the wonderful meal that was prepared. If you go out to eat in your home town, go prepared. After the meal, ask to see the chef and hand him a tip.

Oct 25th International Artist Day.

Today, find some time to appreciate art. First, simply go outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature. Our first experience with visual art, comes when we step outside. Just pause, and look around you. That’s art. Then, listen to the sound of the wind and the birds in the air. That’s music. Appreciate the artists that bring these to life, the visual and performing artists who usually work for little or no pay to give birth to the beautiful works of art and theatrical performances that we don’t spend enough time and money on.

October 25th is also World Opera Day. Again, Opera singers usually work very hard, and do not get the recognition or pay that they deserve. If you are lucky enough to live in a city where you can attend an Opera, go. It is mesmerizing.

Today also happens to be World Pasta Day. Of course, an Italian restaurant may be the best place to appreciate a good pasta dish, but we do have a few on the menu, if you on property at Cap Maison.

Oct 27th is Black Cat Day.

Whatever meaning you associate with this. You have been warned!

Oct 29th is Creole Day in St. Lucia.

As mentioned in the opening, all celebrations come to a head on the last Sunday in October where about three or four communities are chosen to host Creole Day Activities. Cultural artifacts are on display, various performances of song and dance, and a huge variety of food is on sale. Lots, and Lots of food. Some prepared by traditional methods in honor of the celebrations. This is a melting pot of St. Lucian cuisine as it is the one time of year where you can find all the traditional dishes in one location. I really do hope you get a chance to visit then!

Oct 30th is Mischief Night.

I cannot elaborate on this. Do as you please.

Oct 31st is Halloween.

Carved Pumpkins, Witches, Treat or Trick, Scarecrows & Skeletons in your driveway; However you celebrate, have an Awesome time! If you are on property at Cap Maison, be on the lookout, we do have some fun Halloween surprises in store!