There’s something special about how the Caribbean sun hits the sand on Smuggler’s Cove beach. The way it casts a rainbow of colors on the horizon each time it sets is something of beauty. You just can’t replicate the experience anywhere else.

See our top favorite ways to escape winter blues, enjoy the Caribbean sunshine and get some inspiration for your next St. Lucian vacation below.

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1. Beach yoga

Salute the sun and get a great morning stretch with a calming yoga session.

2. Explore everything under the Caribbean sun

There’s a lot to see between sunrise and sundown, from lush, tropical jungle views to secret hideaways throughout Cap Maison.

3. Sunbathe in serenity

Poolside or in the sea, getting a wintertime tan is no challenge in St. Lucia.

4. Cool off with a cocktail

The summer-like sun can get a bit warm, but a cool drink from The Naked Fisherman or Cliff At Cap will keep you refreshed.

5. Float away into dreamland

Something about that sunshine that makes you want to just… relax.

6. Say goodbye each night

St. Lucian sunsets are certainly magical and not to be missed. Catch one every night… and sunrise if you can, too!