While Cap Maison is tucked away on the secluded northern shores of the island, it’s not far from all the fun places to explore in Saint Lucia along the west coast.

Whether your trips to the south of the island to take you to Pigeon Island National Park or all the way to Marigot Bay, check out our top picks for guests below and contact our Online Concierge to get your adventure booked today.

  1. Pigeon Island National Park

    Get a dose of history by exploring these 18th century military ruins and 44-acre national park, which includes historic Fort Rodney that looks over Rodney Bay.

    Pigeon Island National Park is open to visitors every day from 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. Entrance costs approximately $7 USD for adults and about $1 USD for children ages 5-12. Visit the St. Lucia National Trust website for more information.

  2. Anse Chastenet

    Guests rave about Anse Chastenet for snorkeling and diving, and say it’s a great place to explore in Saint Lucia. Clear water and an abundance of underwater sea life is close to the shore, and the peaceful waters make it easy to navigate.

  3. Sulfur Springs Park

    Want to drive right up to an active volcano and learn more about Saint Lucia’s geological history? Located in the western town of Soufrière, this volcano spouts sulphuric steam that may smell a little strong, but guests love bathing in the warm sulphuric pools.

    Sulfur Springs Park is open to visitors every day from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Tours cost between $4 and $8. Access to the baths is an additional cost. There are combo tickets available. For more information, see The Soufriere Foundation’s website.

  4. The Pitons

    Saint Lucia is an island that stands out from the rest of the Caribbean jewels, mainly because of the striking twin peaks that stand like sentinels at the entrance to the Vals des Pitons. Those iconic magical mystic mountains are the always present backdrop to an island paradise whose history is as colorful as its scenic beauty. These mountains are actually volcanic plugs and you can explore their lush green vegetation with a short trip to the south past Soufrière. Explore the trail and take in the views with a hike to the top — a bit strenuous and we recommend scheduling a guide, but well worth the work. Or you could take in these iconic mountains at a more leisurely pace with boat ride on Cap Maison I, our private luxury motor yacht.