Spa Treatments

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  • Package 1 - Maison Calm

    • Couples Massage - 50 Mins US $240
    • Mineral Enchantment - 120 mins US $180
    • European Facial - 60 Mins US $110
    • Pedicure and Manicure - 60 Mins US $60

    Total cost of treatments = US $645 - 20% Discount = US $516 

    You save US$129


    • Maison Calm
    • US$516

    Package 2 - Tropical Sea Bath

    A package that will take you to absolute relaxation at the shores of our breath taking smugglers cove. Start this two treatment package with a salt exfoliation which will be washed off in the ocean followed by a relaxing massage with the relaxing sound of the waves in the background to promote ultimate relaxation. This treatment is better done in the early morning or late afternoon.

    • Couples Massage - 50 Mins US $265
    • Salt Exfoliation - 50 Mins US $125

    Total cost of treatments = US $390 - 20% Discount = US $312 

    Save US $78


    • Tropical Sea Bath
    • US$312

    Package 3 - Maison Romance

    This exclusive package will take place in the comfort of your villa  or roof terrace. we bring Spa maison to you at your convenience romance package involves:

    • Couples Massage - 50 Mins US $250
    • Body Scrub - 50 Mins US $100
    • Hanakasumi - 80 Mins US$ 160

    Total cost of treatments = US $510 - 20% Discount = US $408 

    Saves US $102



    • Maison Romance
    • US$408

  • Collagen Hyaluronic Anti-aging treatment

    ​Reveal a more youthful skin as if you have turned back the hands of time. A mineral microdermabrasion of volcanic rock and salicylic acid will prepare the skin to receive the effects of our wrinkle filling serums. A facial massage with our patented elasticity revealer, followed by a collagen lifting mask to plump and repair the skin. The results - look years younger.

    • 75 mins
    • US$130

    Citrus Essence Treatment

    Illuminate your complexion with a Vitamin C, anti-stress treatment. Creating a tropical oasis filled with aromatic mandarin and lemon essences. Your skin receives the benefits of vitamins and essential oils in conjunction with a relaxing massage. This is a rapid radiance treatment.

    • 40mins
    • US$85

    European Soothing Facial

    Maintain a healthy complexion incorporating European methods. A melody of St. Lucia’s grapefruit, aloe vera and honey extract cleanses the skin. A gentle exfoliation brings instant radiance. Followed by a customized ampoule, a relaxing massage and mask treatment, rejuvenates and illuminates the complexion.

    • 60mins
    • US$100

    Spa Maison Hydrating Treatment

    A delightful and relaxing treatment that teaches your skin to regulate its water balance and maintain its moisture reservoir. Skin softness is restored, and a more youthful appearance is immediately visible. A thirst quenching mask and silk textured serums, indulge and caress your skin. A perfect remedy after a long dehydrating flight.

    • 75mins
    • US$120

  • Secrets Soin Excellence

    Discover the secret of youth with a journey of all your senses. This luxurious treatment begins with a relaxing ritual. Rare exotic and precious essential ingredients are massaged into the entire body using Sothys signature long flowing movements. The Secrets facial then restores the emotional equilibrium and takes you to a blissful state of well-being. A sensational approach to slow the effect of time, perhaps even turn back the clock.

    • 120mins
    • US$220

    Velvet Skin Miracle

    A Marine exfoliating scrub creates a radiant healthy skin. Warm velvety gel envelopes the body to provide wellness and quench UV exposed, thirsty skin. The face and body are pampered with a soft relaxing massage leaving your skin soothed, refreshed and revitalized.

    • 100mins
    • US$145

  • Gentlemen’s Rejuvenation Treatment

    A scientific 3-dimension program of intelligent hydration delivers intensive moisturizing benefits. This refreshing and relaxing treatment teaches your skin to auto-regulate its water balance and maintain a proper moisture reservoir. The result is a skin radiating health and wellness.

    • 75mins
    • US$120

    Ultimate Destressing Treatment

    50 minutes of pure bliss and relaxation that no man can resist. The treatment utilizes a Digi-Esthetique method of pressure-point massage on the face, neck, upper back and scalp. A special blend of Black Pepper and Frankincense essential oils are incorporated for a true sensorial experience that leaves the soul relaxed and the skin cleansed, detoxified and soothed. The treatment starts with an exfoliating gommage cleanser, finished off with massage complemented by an energizing mask treatment with Vitamin C and ginseng.

    • 50mins
    • US$100

  • Slimness Escapade

    ​Rich in minerals, this powerful slimming ritual minimizes water retention, boosts drainage of toxins and the elimination of cellulite while refining the body contours. First, a salt scrub invigorates the skin and boosts the circulation to promote the natural elimination process; followed by a warm aromatherapy caramel fondant that envelopes the body inducing relaxation and well being. A hydrating lotion enriched with essential oils completes the ritual. 

    • 80 mins
    • US$150

    Saint Lucian Ceremony

    ​Indulgence is a necessity with this blissful ritual. Soft smooth skin becomes a reality following an exfoliation with a Ginger infused balm. Aromatic smooth Balinese pebbles in soft gauze soaked in warm exotic oils and and luxurious spiced Granita are used to perform a massage that is inspired by Asian and Indian techniques. The body is enveloped in deep relaxation, the spirit soothed and the skin hydrated, soft and luminous.

    • 80 mins
    • US$150

    Velvet Skin Miracle

    Natural sea salts prepare the skin. A warm velvety gel envelopes the body to provide wellness and quench UV exposed, thirsty skin. The face and body are pampered with a soft relaxing massage leaving your skin soothed, refreshed and revitalized.

    • 100mins
    • US$145

    Mineral Enchantment

    An exfoliation with marine salts followed by an application of a detoxifying mineral mud naturally rich in minerals. The body is then massaged using citrus essential oils rebalancing the mind and body to induce ultimate well being and vitality.

    • 100mins
    • US$160

  • Soft Delight Exfoliation

    A gentle yet powerful exfoliation ritual for all skin types even the most delicate. Loofah particles work to leave skin velvety soft and smooth whilst algae stimulate the circulation for a radiant bright even skin tone. Not recommended for men.

    • 50mins
    • US$85

    Delicious Lucian Scrub

    An exotic exfoliation option that’s good enough to eat. Delicious spices and essential oils of ginger, orange and cinnamon veil the body following the removal of this marvellous marmalade.

    • 50mins
    • US$100

    Awakening Salt Glow

    Hydrating algae extract, re-mineralizing marine salts and uplifting orange and grapefruit essential oils are blended to invigorate the skin and boost the circulation. The blend is applied over the body to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and promote the natural elimination process. Customized lotions restore hydration and long lasting protection.

    • 50mins
    • US$100

  • Hot Stone Massage

    ​Hot stone massage is a speciality treatment where smoothed heated stones are used to promote deep relaxation also alleviating stress, relieving pain and improving circulation.

    • 75 mins
    • US$150

    Peace of the Senses

    A relaxation massage which includes the specialized Sothys rituals to de-stress and restore the senses. An extremely nurturing treatment ideal to give back some peace and tranquility.

    • 60mins
    • US$140

    Deep Tissue

    Designed to reach those knotty areas from spending too much time on computers or playing too much golf (if there is such a thing) This massage is not recommended if this is your first time visiting Spas.

    • 50mins
    • US$135


    This classic massage uses long relaxing strokes to relax the muscles and body, stimulate the nervous system and improve circulation, a great introduction to Spa Therapy.

    • 25mins
    • US$60
    • 50mins
    • US$120

    Couples Massage

    Experience massage together, not only for lovers but for mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, enjoy spending quality time together.

    • 50 mins
    • US$240
    • The above body massages may be taken in the privacy of your own room or roof terrace. supplement US$20. Rock Maison supplement - US$40.

  • Spa Maison Luxury Foot Treatment

    A luxury spa treatment for the feet and lower legs offering immediate relaxation and well being. The feet are bathed in mineral sea salts followed by a stimulating marine salt scrub and care of the nails. A menthol algae wrap and aroma infused massage bring an immediate sensation of freshness and the skin is soft and supple.

    • 75mins
    • US$70

    Spa Manicure

    Treat your hands to a manicure including: nail and cuticle work, a hand massage, followed by your choice of nail polish.

    • 50mins
    • US$55

    Spa Pedicure

    Your spa pedicure begins with an aromatic soak followed by nail shaping, exfoliation and a relaxing foot massage. Finish with your choice of nail polish.

    • 60mins
    • US$60

  • Options

    • Full Leg
    • US$60
    • Full Leg & Bikini
    • US$75
    • Half Leg
    • US$35
    • Underarm
    • US$25
    • Bikini
    • US$30
    • Lip/Eyebrow
    • US$15


    Personalized Yoga

    Personalized Meditation