Spa Maison

Situated in the Main House at Cap Maison, Spa Maison offers an opportunity to indulge yourself and to be pampered. Spa Maison has chosen Sothys as their product house, a French company which has 60 years of experience in the beauty industry, and can only be used by professionally trained therapists – making it one of the best serviced St. Lucia spas. With patented formulas and specially developed Digi-Esthetique techniques to help increase the penetration of the product, Spa Maison is able to offer some of the highest quality treatments in St. Lucia.

Spa Maison has chosen their therapists not just for their experience and training but for that bit extra – magic and healing in their hands, leaving you with a feeling of total relaxation and self-indulgence!

Treatments can be taken if you wish in your suite or room, on your terrace, on Rock Maison or under a gazebo in the garden - the choice is yours.

Spa Maison also offers treatments for men, see the menu! From time to time we can offer other treatments from visiting therapists such as reflexology and shiatsu. On the terrace outside you may relax afterwards, and watch the birds and trees, whilst sipping a tisane or cold drink.

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