Top Experiences at Cap Maison

Villa Suite with Roof Tops

Villa Suites with Roof Top Terrace and Private Pool – with almost 2,000 square feet you will not be found wanting for space within your villa and in our opinion the best space is the Rooftop Terrace with its private pool where from time to time we have to persuade guests to vacate the terrace and go and explore the island!

Cap Maison 1

Cap Maison I – The largest privately owned luxury motor yacht on St Lucia, an ideal platform to explore the beautiful coast line and spend  a magical day on the water. See our Soufriere Adventure for a spectacular day out seeing the whole island including the legendary Pitons from the water.

The Naked Fisherman Restaurant

The Naked Fisherman Beach Bar & Grill -  offers “great produce simply grilled” in a relaxed beach front location - a thatched bar, a thatched kitchen and a grill - a recipe for some great beach food and lazy days ahead. Plan an hour and stay all day.

Champagne Zip Line

Champagne Zip Line - The only one in the world (well last time we checked it was!) Sitting on Rock Maison watching the sunset sipping on a glass of Fizz – one of the great pleasures in life.

Rock Maison Private Dinner

Rock Maison Private Dinner – a table set perfectly for 2, perched out to sea with just the waves for company – a perfect picture of romance.

The Cliff at Cap Restaurant

The Cliff at Cap – The restaurant table which is in most demand, perched on the cliffs edge with terrific views out to sea and positioned to take full advantage of glorious sunsets. Using the best of Caribbean seasonal produce with a Classic French cuisine twist.