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Formalities & Packages

At Cap Maison, our objective is to make all wedding arrangements on your behalf whilst you enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Time Frame for Civil Ceremony

There is no residency requirement in St Lucia but the paperwork does take two working days to process, so the earliest you can get married is the third day after your arrival on the island.

Our lawyers will come to the hotel to meet with you on the morning after your arrival so you can sign your marriage license application. Your application will be submitted to the Attorney General's chambers, along with your original documentation, and everything will be returned to your wedding planner once your license has been granted. 

There is an express service for those who do not want to wait the usual length of time. It costs US$120 extra but depending on your arrival time and day it is possible that we could marry you on the afternoon of the day after your arrival, as long as both days are Monday – Friday.

Required Information and Documents

The documents that you will need to get married in St Lucia are as follows:

  • Passports (remaining time of validation min of 6 months)
  • Birth Certificates (no longer a requirement, but if you have it bring it as back up just in case)
  • Decree Absolute (if any of the parties are divorced)
  • Death Certificate (for the former spouse, in the case of widow/widower)
  • Previous marriage certificate (if widowed)
  • Deed Poll Certificate (if name has been changed)
  • Parental Consent (if under 18 years old) by way of Affidavit from a Notary Royal
  • Adoption certificate if applicable

Please Note - All documents must be in English. If they are not, an authenticated translation must be provided along with the original.

If you have to obtain copies of any of the documents required please ensure they are certified copies that have a raised seal authenticating them.

We ask that you fax or scan and email the documents that apply to you as soon as you can after booking your Cap Maison wedding. This will enable us to make sure everything is in order and to start the legal paperwork before you arrive on the island. You are required to bring the original documents with you.

Time Frame for Church Weddings

If both bride and groom are catholic and have not been married before, a church wedding can be arranged, requiring at least 3 months of advance notice. The bride and groom are required to attend pre-nuptial sessions with their parish priest at home. The parish priest will have to confirm this in writing to his Grace, The Arch Bishop of 'St. Lucia and send along the corresponding church paperwork. The wedding ceremony will then take place in the Catholic Church - no other location is possible.

Marriage Certificate

Your marriage will be legal in your home country, you do not need to be re-married back at home. Your St Lucia marriage certificate has an official raised seal and is recognized in every country in the world. For some European countries we may also need to apply for an Apostille Certificate for you. Your marriage is recorded in the civil registry here in St Lucia and your marriage certificate is your 'mobile proof' of your marriage. You get your marriage certificate immediately after your ceremony. You will want to use your marriage certificate to change your name and you may wish to register your change of name with your local council or government office for electoral purposes.

Included in your Cap Maison Wedding Package for 2:


· Marriage officer
· All legal fees
· Marriage certificate
· Meeting at your accommodation to sign legal paperwork
· Lawyer's services to process your marriage license paperwork


· Cap Maison ceremony
· Decorated wedding gazebo
· Bride's bouquet
· Grooms boutonnière
· Fresh petal confetti
· Recorded music of your choice


· Prompt email and/or phone contact during planning stages
· Pre wedding consultation
· Personal Wedding Coordinator
· All taxes and gratuities
· Presence at your wedding and reception
· All planning and organization of the event

The price of this ceremony with the above inclusions is US$1,400

This package is everything the two of you need to get married in our beautiful island paradise, however we recognize that you will probably want to bring friends with you to help you celebrate and that you will want to customize your wedding day to suit your dreams and imagination.

If there's more than two of you, the hotel wedding planner will amend the package for the number of guests you anticipate will attend. She will also send you the additional information you require to start the customization process and help you build your budget.

Every wedding at Cap Maison is unique to each couple, and our expert wedding planning team is here to assist you with making your dreams a reality.



"Frederick and I, and our families and friends had an amazing time in St. Lucia. You and the Cap Maison staff enabled us to have a beautiful wedding and memories for a lifetime.  The food and wine and accommodations were all just perfect. Thank you."

Mariama and Fredrick Jenkins