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The insider - Craig Jones is an award-winning Welsh chef who has lived in St Lucia for a decade. He is executive chef of the Cliff at Cap restaurant at the Cap Maison hotel (, and has recently opened the Naked Fisherman beach bar and grill on the island.

I fell in love with St Lucia almost instantly. I’d always liked the reggae vibe and beach life, and just found it so relaxed. Plus, the food you get here is so impressive – fruit and vegetables with amazing flavours, and seafood that you can watch being brought in and sold. The fishermen blow conch shells and people just swarm around.

I like to take my two daughters to the fish market at Gros Islet. There might be lobster, which is in season now, maybe some red snapper. I’ll then put together a basket of ingredients, such as mango, okra, spices and sweet potato, and we’ll head to the beach.

Pigeon Point, on the northern tip of the island, is my favourite. It’s full of coves, the sea is calm and there are lots of locals. We’ll light a fire, wrap the fish in foil and go for a swim while it cooks.

On Friday night in Gros Islet, they shut the roads and have a street party. Most people cook on the roadside - there are corns roasting and the smells are amazing. Everyone’s a chef on St Lucia. I’ve become a big fan of the “one pot”, which is as it sounds. Everything goes in there - fish heads, coconut milk, spinach, ginger, dasheen leaves, maybe some pepper. It’s not much to look at, but the flavour and aromas are fantastic.

Working with restaurant food all the time, it’s great to just switch off, wander and eat as you find. In St Lucia, I’m always learning something new.

The Best Places to Propose in the World
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Looking for the perfect ​marriage proposal?

Wedding Ring Owner Search
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Cap Maison Luxury Resort & Spa in the beautiful island of St Lucia has started a social media campaign to find the owner of a wedding ring that washed up on its beach earlier this week.

Craig Jones The Dreadlocked Welshman
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​Article in the International Kreol Magazine - online version.

Food is a great unifying force in the world. People from entirely different corners of the globe can connect over the similarities and differences that make their cuisine unique. Chef Craig Jones might not be your typical French Indian chef, but this Welshman is perfectly at home cooking the cuisine of the island of St. Lucia.”

Telegraph Luxury - Incredible Outdoor Restaurants
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Telegraph Luxury, showcases the Cliff at Cap Restaurant as on of their online gallery of incredible outdoor restaurants. The Cliff at Cap is featured as the first in the gallery list after the cover.

At the Cliff at Cap in St Lucia, diners at every table enjoy panoramic sea views, while couples at its Rock Maison table dine on a secluded wooden deck built on a rocky outcropping. For added drama, this is the only restaurant in the world to offer a champagne zip-line, used to transfer bottles from the bar to expectant customers below.

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Stimulate Your Senses At Cap Maison, St Lucia, With The Five Senses Honeymoon

A special honeymoon to stimulate all of the body’s five senses – taste, sight, sound, touch and smell – is being introduced by boutique hotel, Cap Maison in Saint Lucia, for newly-wed couples or those celebrating a special occasion. The Five Senses Honeymoon consists of some special activities – each one designed to stimulate a different sense and to showcase the island’s unique attributes….

* Second BEST Hotel in the Caribbean award
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The results are in and Cap Maison Luxury Resort & Spa have been awarded ‘Second best Caribbean hotel’ by Travel and Leisure.

Debut denotes a World’s Best Awards debut.

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Voted number 1..
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​The Cliff at Cap restaurant was voted Number 1. in the Dialaflight “5 Best Restaurants in St Lucia”.

Welcome to Caribbean
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​VeryVery Luxury Magazine

Boat International
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A New Beach Bar in St Lucia
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​Caribbean Journal - website article

Top 15 Hotels in the Caribbean - Readers’ Choice Awards
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Condé Nast Traveler readers rate the top hotels in St Lucia, Jamaica, Antigua, the British Virgin Islands, St Barts and the Dominican Republic.

Fodor’s 100 Hotel Award
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Cap Maison wins 2013 Fodor’s 100 Hotel Award

“This distinction designates Cap Maison as an outstanding “Home Suite Home,” hotel as selected by Fodor’s editors and travel experts.  Cap Maison is one of just 13 hotels from around the world to place in this category, being recognized for its high style and pied-à-terre feel.”

Honeymoon like an a-lister
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Perfect Wedding Magazine

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