Wine Cellar

Wine Spectacular Award
Cap Maison is one of four resorts on the island with a personal wine cellar. The wine cellar is located at the rear end of the Main House of this luxurious honeymoon resort. It is used for wine-tasting sessions, small private dinners and as a cozy intimate setting to just enjoy a bottle with friends at casual occasions.

Over 1,500 bottles of French, Chilean and California wines are stored and chilled to meet their peak temperature and vitality. With the reputation of being one of St. Lucia's most sophisticated and stylish resorts, you will be sure to find a line of exquisite high-end vintage beverages at the wine cellar, such as Chevelle Blanc and Chateau Margaux wines ranging from $370 to $3000 (US dollars). Also aged in ideal conditions are a series of delightfully quirky and individual wines ranging from $37 to $55 (US dollars). 

Cap Maison's collection of wines is organised in such a way that the property's sommelier is able to quickly and easily find that special bottle couples would like to enjoy on their honeymoon or any occasion.

Occasionally held in Cap Maison's vaulted wine cellar are wine-tasting events conducted by the property's sommelier. Wine lovers residing at the resort and visiting gather at the wine cellar to stimulate their taste buds with wines from whichever region they wish to sample. To guests who are unfamiliar with our inventory, something can be suggested to suit your taste in terms of preferred aroma, flavour and complexity.

Cap Maison's wine cellar was built from the resort's inception. Its most essential purpose is in the preservation of the integrity, quality and taste of the resort's fine wines, so guests and honeymooners can simply draw the cork and enjoy at leisure during their stay here.

The wine cellar is of a different ambience and serves as an ideal place to savour fine wines.