Theo’s Bar

Down the corridor of the Main House guests will find Theo’s lounge and (honesty) bar. 

Theo’s Lounge is an air conditioned spacious recreational room of a Spanish theme, reserved to guests who would like to entertain friends or family at the resort. There guests can enjoy games, watch sports and even help themselves to a drink from Cap Maison’s small self-serve bar. It is trusted that guests will give to the receptionist or restaurant, a note of what has been consumed for later billing.

Guests can pick a book from the library available and just read in this cool, cozy setting on quite days. There is also a cards table for poker lovers.

Theo’s terrace is shaded by a beautiful spreading Saman tree and is a perfect spot for cigar lovers, to relax and enjoy a good cigar while overlooking the manicured gardens of Cap Maison.

A computer is stationed in Theo’s Lounge for guests who may have not bothered to carry theirs with them, as an alternate means of communicating with friends and family back home or to just have a browse on the web. Wifi is also available throughout compound of the resort.