Rock Maison & Champagne Zip Line

Champagne Zip Line

Rock Maison is a private dock built on a shoal below the Cliff at Cap Restaurant on the water’s edge and is one of Cap Maison’s most romantic hidden spots. 

The wooden deck area is almost surrounded by the surging sea over the giant reefs and is accessed by a wooden staircase near the main restaurant. Rock Maison is a perfect venue to host a small reception of up to thirty people, or rather, a beautiful private romantic dinner with your loved one. 

The ambience of dining on the ocean is like none other. The constant cool sea breeze, the sound of the ocean crashing gently against the shoreline, and the beauty of the flames of the lite torches dancing wildly in the wind and illuminating the night are all elements contributing to a truly memorable evening.

At night, flambeaus light your way along the stretch of sand to the great rock. Drinks from the bar above glide to your private table on Rock Maison in a basket by way of a champagne zip line, one of the many unique features of the resort. Guests can simply sit back and relax in the charming ambience of this location over a glass of exquisite wine and a bit of chatter until their meal is served.

Rock Maison is a wonderful spot for sunset drinks with friends or family. It has also played host to full moon meditation, early morning yoga and off-menu spa treatments. 

Rock Pool

Cap Maison is creatively refining its food and beverage venues this season, unveiling a new Rock Pool adjacent to Rock Maison.

Rock Maison, which may well be Cap Maison's best kept secret, lies directly below the Cliff at Cap restaurant. It's a wooden deck built on a rocky outcropping, which is surrounded on three sides by the sea surging over the reefs. Guests access Rock Maison by a wooden staircase, while drinks travel down a zip-line to the deck below. It's the ideal place for sunset drinks, private dining and special events.

The new Rock Pool, a natural rock pool that fills with sea water as the waves surge to the base of the cliff, is tucked next Rock Maison. It has a submerged bench and is an ideal place for guests to immerse themselves while enjoying a cocktail. Three carved out "ice buckets" are also in the rocks, awaiting a bottle of white wine or champagne.

Cap Maison will also extend the hip and happening Cliff Bar this summer, while increasing the seating capacity for the popular Cliff at Cap restaurant, where the highly regarded cuisine of Executive Chef Craig Jones draws guests and visitors to its legendary Sunday Lobster Lunch, annual Celebrity Guest Chef Series and other culinary and wine events.