Club Maison


Cap Maison’s Inclusive Rate for Food Lovers.

At Cap Maison we are definitely foodies, unashamedly so. We live to eat rather than eat to live. To this end we have created what we believe is some of the finest food and wine selections on the island and within one of the most breathtaking locations. As a result, our award winning food is fresh, changes daily and ranges from mouth-wateringly simple to delectably creative and to accompany it we stock fine wines and premium brand liqueurs.  Our mantra is simple - “quality”.  

We decided to offer an inclusive rate, not as a budget option but simply because we recognize that we have inadvertently created a very private and exclusive club and as such many of our members prefer a vacation where breakfast, lunch and dinner, premium wines and beverages are provided ad lib without the uneasy burden of signing bills and money. Therefore dining “Club Maison” means that everything is provided whenever you need it, at your whim, included in your room rate. It’s convenient and unlike most all-inclusive resorts, the food is award winning and the beverage is top shelf.

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