About St Lucia

​The beautiful island of St Lucia is the quintessential tropical Caribbean isle. It’s a sunshine paradise of soft sandy beaches shaded by towering palms, of intimate coves and colorful towns and villages, where life is lived at an easy, carefree pace.

Then, when you travel inland, St Lucia reveals another side to her beauty with unspoilt rainforests ablaze with tropical orchids, colourful parrots and hummingbirds; a landscape where waterfalls plunge into sparkling pools and sulphurous mud bubbles and steams in the world’s only drive-in volcano. And who could fail to be enchanted by the coastline, where the Pitons – two giant volcanic peaks rising sheer from the Caribbean Sea – have become the enduring symbol of the island.

St Lucia is everything you dreamed the Caribbean would be, and the kind of place where relaxation comes easy and the pressures of everyday living simply fade away. And now, with the opening of Cap Maison, St Lucia has a luxury boutique hotel that’s the equal of its beauty.